Estero Bay Guided Fishing

Let one of our native guides assist you in your next fishing excursion. This 4 hour trip will be  in search of many gamefish. We follow the patterns of these fish daily as they change often. We will be fishing various parts of Estero Bay based on tides and weather conditions. Our guides will set up times based on optimal fishing forecasts. We will also filet your catch if you plan on eating fresh fish that evening.

If you do not have a Florida fishing license you will need to obtain one by clicking the button below or calling (805) 488-3641. We provide all the necessary gear for making it a successful day on the water. We also provide a cooler with bottled water. Below are some of the gamefish that we target here in South West Florida. Please email or call to book your next fishing trip.

Rates: $200 – 4 hours – 1 angler

*Each additional anger is $50 per person up to 4 people.

Southwest Florida Gamefish

jack crevalle fish


Size: Most common at 1-6 pounds. Plenty pull in at 12-15 pounds, with large fish reaching 20-50 pounds.

Fight: Be prepared for a tug of war with a huge first run.

Deliciousness: Poor

Baits: Shrimp, Baitfish, Lures, Flies



Size: Most common from 1-12 pounds. Large fish are 30 pounds, possibly up to 60 pounds.

Fight: Very strong and stubborn. Heavy runs are a forte.

Deliciousness: Excellent

Bait: Shrimp, Baitfish, Crab, Lures, Flies

snook fish


Size: Most common at 2-17 pounds. Large fish range from 20-30 pounds, and some can reach up to 50 pounds.

Fight: Very strong and has endurance. Heavy runs and flashy jumping make the snook an excellent bettle.

Deliciousness: Excellent

Baits: Shrimp, Baitfish, Crab, Lures, Flies

sheepshead fish


Size: Most common at under a pound to 4 pounds. Large fish range from 5-7 pounds, occasionally topping 10 pounds.

Fight: Not a hard striker, but a good pull. The lighter the tackle, the better the flight.

Deliciousness: Excellent

Baits: Shrimp, Baitfish, Crab, Lure

spotted trout


Size: Most common at 3-15 pounds.

Fight: Younger trout put up a light fight, but as they get to 14 inches and above, they can put up a noteworthy battle.

Deliciousness: Excellent

Baits: Shrimp, Baitfish, Lures, Flies

spotted sea trout


Size: Common at 2-5 pounds with larger fish reaching up to 20 pounds.

Fight: Likes to start with hard runs and bulldog you late in the fight. A very fine gamefish.

Deliciousness: Excellent when small. Stronger taste when larger, but still good.

Baits: Shrimp, Baitfish, Crab, Squid, Lures